Single Element

Contact transducers are typically housed in a rugged stainless steel case with an alumina oxide wear plate and used in a longitudinal wave format. Blatek optimizes the piezocomposite to maximize sensitivity and create exceptional bandwidths. We can compile these features together in customer-specified housing and accommodate their choice of connector and its location per customer preferences.

We offer two styles of delay line transducers. The first version comes with a fixed delay line that is non-removable, while the second version comes equipped with a removable delay line and knurled nut. Both types are available in either a highly damped configuration or high gain piezocomposite.

Blatek offers immersion transducers that are acoustically matched to water for the most efficient piezocomposite package available. Transducers can be spherically focused, cylindrically focused, or nonfocused per customer specifications. In most situations, units are housed in stainless steel cases. We offer a wide range of connectors and can provide isolated connections for high noise environments.

Blatek’s development of piezocomposites with a long and narrow footprint provides exceptional performance for our paint brush transducers. Our customers that need to ultrasonically scan wide areas can specify width and length sizes and also dictate flat or cylindrical focusing per their preferences. In most instances, these units are housed in a stainless steel case and come with the customer's choice and location of connector.

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