Medical Probes

Medical Devices

Blatek has a team of experienced scientists and engineers ready to work with our customers to custom design and manufacture the optimal ultrasonic transducer that will meet their application needs and performance requirements. We have produced phased array, linear array, and curved linear array transducers, all with broad bandwidth, high sensitivity, and excellent element to element uniformity.

The control and performance flexibility of our custom fabricated piezocomposite and our solid acoustic materials knowledge on matching layer and backing components gives us a distinct advantage when we are asked to create new designs, allowing us to fabricate custom arrays in practically any element count, pitch, and elevation.

Additionally, we work with our customers on whatever physical configuration suits their needs, from fully tested cabled probes to connectorized heads with case-less sub-assemblies.

NDT Probes

Industrial Devices

Building industrial transducers using our proprietary piezocomposite with single or double matching layer(s), we are able to produce transducers with maximum sensitivity that generate 50% plus bandwidths. Designs can be matched for immersion use or optimized to work in conjunction with various angle beam materials. We have the ability to design our customers’ phased array NDT probes with unique frequencies, pitch/elevations, and overall size limitations, which can then be placed in efficient acoustic packages that can be purchased by our customers and be finished as desired. We will also work with an agreed upon design and place the acoustic packages in rugged stainless steel cases with specified cables and connectors.

Through our extensive experience and wide range of scientific and engineering staff, we can design and fabricate transducers to meet industrial needs. Our team can provide our customers with piezocomposite or acoustic stacks to build into their own cables and housings or we can provide a piezoelectric ultrasound transducer complete with cable assembly.

“High performance from start to finish.”